Working for
La Presse

For 19 years, I worked for La Presse as a full-time designer. 

La Presse is a French-language newspaper that is renowned for its in-depth and diversified coverage. Founded in 1984, La Presse underwent several remodellings and eventually launched its digital edition for tablets. In 2016, La Presse ended its weekday print edition and transitioned to an all-digital format. I was part of that print-to-digital revolution from the beginning.


UX/UI Design & Website/App Design

I was part of the team of graphic designers, developers and IT experts who built the websites and mobile apps that redefined the way readers got their news.


Iconography & Product Design

I helped transform ideas into images. I was in charge of creating different icon sets, defining standards, designing style guides and media kits.


Ads for Marketing Campaigns

I created print and digital promotions, designed graphic environments to present editorial or advertising content, and designed presentations (Keynote and PowerPoint). I also helped design videos (AfterEffects) and visual guides (print and digital) explaining how to use our apps.


Brand Strategy & Style Guides

I participated in redesigning several sites, apps and services, as well as in the radical rebranding when Cyberpresse became the new La Presse. I helped design the interface of several in-house software tools. I worked with the design team to monitor and analyze the latest trends in design and technology.


Working with this strong brand was an enriching and pivotal part of my career as a designer.

My expertise truly developed into a creative, versatile approach that combined design and technology. I worked on designing for Cyberpressse and La Presse websites, the apps and several associated sites, including Nuglif—a high-performance platform of powerful publishing software and tools created to provide resources to enable all these publications to come to life daily on iPads and Android tablets.

Check some of the sites I helped to build throughout the years as part of the  Design Team:

A corporate environment
with an amazing design team

La Presse is a big corporation that encompasses a network of services and products. Working in this environment allowed me to develop a strong sense of teamwork and organizational skills, using tools like Slack, Trello and all Google applications. This experience has translated into my freelance work in the warm and lasting relationships I love to build with my clients.